Our Next Event

GT Track Days at America’s National Park of Speed September 25-26, 2021 presented by GT Racing Tires and Traq Car Rental.

This weekend advanced drivers only event presents a rare opportunity for drivers to run RA anytime (no run groups) with limited passing rules.

The schedule will be green flag at 8:00am, Checkered flag at noon for lunch, green flag again at 1:00pm until 6:00pm.

Passing will be allowed anywhere with the exception of The Kink. A point bye is suggested but not required.

Drivers that are advanced but don’t have a competition license will run with a X on the back of their car. Car count is limited. Cars that run 2:30 or slower are requested to run at the top of the hour, 2:29 or faster the bottom of the hour.

This is not required but a suggestion to help control traffic flow and the number of cars on track.

Event requirements

You must have verifiable experience. Twenty plus registrations on MSR or other proof of experience.

Our Friends

Please look at our friends web sites and dates and tracks available.

– Chin Track Days http://chintrackdays.com/sebring.aspx?gclid=CjwKEAjwu4_JBRDpgs2RwsCbt1MSJABOY8anDQ9XSkPCN3Ui-jcFvKPcO8aI5nhdMmxhpVU7j775sRoCUafw_wcB

– Northwoods Shelby Club  http://www.nwshelbyclub.com/


Todd Zimmer

(414) 350-6303