GT Racing Tires proudly offers high-quality, gently used racing tires, including slicks and DOT treaded tires from well-known brands such as Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Hoosier, BF Goodrich, Toyo, and Dunlop.

These tires are sourced from professional series and typically have around 75% of their usable life remaining.

Rest assured, each tire undergoes thorough inspections before being shipped to you.

GT Racing Tires organizes 10 to 12 events annually, mostly at Road America, our home track, using the same tires we offer.

If we wouldn’t trust a tire on our own car at Road America, we won’t sell it.   We discard approximately two-thirds of the tires received.

Instead of spending over $1600 on a new set plus shipping, you can purchase a set of 4 from us for just $600 plus shipping, with ¾ of the tire life remaining.

We frequently update our inventory, so if we don’t have your exact size, we will suggest a slightly different set, which could still be a suitable option.

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