Driver Classification

While we are asking the drivers to self classify, it is for informational purposes only. The event organizers reserve, the right at any time, including during the event, to place each driver in what they consider the appropriate group, either higher or lower. If you have participated at many events and multiple tracks but not this track please register in the B group.

A – Advanced

A seasoned assertive driver that has attended many events, several at this track, and multiple other tracks. Comfortable passing and being passed at high speeds. Knows the track line and consistently hits all turn ins, apexes, and turnouts, is very smooth on all brake, throttle and steering inputs. Demonstrates a clear understanding of car balance and weight transfer through complex corners. Has the ability to correct any driving errors without a serious incident. Exhibits excellent situational awareness and is safe and courteous at all times. May be an instructor.

B – Progressive

A multiple event driver most probably at more than one track. Has driven multiple events on this track. Comfortable passing and being passed at speed. Routinely hits most turnins, apexes and turnouts. Is relatively smooth on all car inputs. Has a good understanding of car balance and weight transfer. Should be able to correct most driving errors. Has good situational awareness. Is safe and courteous at all times.

C – Intermediate

May have been on this track or others like it a few times. May have some understanding of the track and the physics of driving. Has perhaps done some auto crossing. Signed off to drive solo by GTTD or another reputable group. Can request an instructor if needed for this track.

D – Rookie

New to HPDE driving. Has never done any kind of performance driving or very little. Never been to a professional driving school. Has very little understanding on the physics of a car or driving terminology. An instructor will ride with you in this group. If this is you please check your ego and register in this group.


Selected by the event organizers and/or the chief instructor contact them directly. You will not be able to register as an instructor without the code.