GreenYou are free to drive at speed. Passing is allowed in the appropriate zones.
Stationary YellowCaution, no passing.
Waving YellowSlow down,you are approaching a hazard. Normally displayed when an accident has occurred.
Blue with Yellow Diagonal StripeA faster car is behind you! Let them pass at the next opportunity.
WhiteSlow moving vehicle on track. It may be an emergency vehicle which can be passed with great care.
RedEmergency! Check mirrors, slow down, pull to the right side of the track, and stop in sight of the next corner worker on the track.
Black with Orange CircleYou have a mechanical problem. Exit to the hot pit.
BlackYou broke the rules! Exit to the hot pit for a discussion with the starter.
CheckeredThe session is done.Slow down allow the car to cool down and exit where instructed.