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This event is designed to provide you a SAFE and FUN experience as you learn the potential of your car. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER 1 CONCERN!

-All makes and models of cars are welcome with the exception of trucks and SUVs which are prohibited. The car must pass the “broomstick test” (The helmeted drivers head is below a bar placed on top of the roll bar and windshield.)

-Any on track vehicle that fails inspection and can NOT be fixed will not be allowed on track. NO refunds for tech inspection failure.

-All drivers/registrants must have a valid drivers license, be 18 or older and sign the track and event waivers. Participants and guests must have the appropriate wristband and must sign event and track waiver.

-Assigned car numbers must be on the two doors. Numbers are 6/8 inches tall and 2 or more inches wide.

-All drivers meeting are mandatory.

-No racing or horseplay will be allowed.

-Helmets rated Snell SA/M 2015 or better are required on all drivers and passengers.

-All on track vehicles must have a tech. sticker on them

-A passing signal is required from the car being overtaken.  The left arm is extended out the window pointing towards the passing side.  A clear signal for each car passing is required.

-Know the flags!  That’s how corner workers communicate with you.

-Passengers are allowed in the advanced group and above. They must be registered and have a wrist band. May sit only in the front seat.  Restraint system for passenger MUST be the same as the drivers.

-Passengers must be 18 or older. They must comply with all track/organization rules.

-Passengers allowed in Intermediate group and above.

-Any spin or loss of control when a passenger is in the car will result in termination of passenger privileges and possible expulsion.

-Cameras are allowed if securely mounted. No hand held cameras in the car.

-Arms must be inside the car at all times.

-Seat belts are minimum factory installation of a 3 point. A racing 5 or 6 point restraint system is preferred.

-Session is over when the checkered flag is shown.

-Licensed mopeds/motorcycles are allowed on the premises. Golf carts are allowed with appropriate track permit.

– The organizers and Track Safety Control have final judgement on results of spins or going off track. Any four wheels off incident will result in a black flag for a discussion with control. Common sense prevails with this, If you have several offs or spins you will be done for the day.

– The event organizers in conjunction with track officials reserve the right to expel anyone, who on their sole judgement, is not obeying the rules.

-The use of alcohol and un prescribed drugs is prohibited during track hours. Violators will be expelled.